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Wikipedia Categorizer

A web app that "searches" the sentences of a Wikipedia page and places text into categories. The program uses ConceptNet and Wikipedia as sources, and tries to extract content relevant to multiple keywords. It currently does this by comparing pre-trained word vectors.

2D Mesh Growth Simulation

Out of curiosity, I created a program to optimize points on a 2D mesh for traits like lower area and greater perimeter, with the idea being that real organisms evolve to satisfy such costs.

3D Printed Servo Arm

I designed a 4 DOF robotic arm which has a payload of ~600 grams. Controlled by a Raspberry Pi, it has the capacity to be both mobile and carry out advanced actions. Unlike most robotic arms, it is designed to be mounted on a vertical instead of horizontal surface.

Ball Launching Robot

For a competition, our team created a mobile robot capable of launching foam balls into a net. The robot was designed for both efficient collection and launching of these projectiles.

Calculus Notes

18.01 OCW Notes. Over my break I did some calculus and somewhat foolishly made the decision to type up my notes instead of write them down. Here they are for you viewing pleasure.

3D Printed Raspberry Pi Robot

An imagined and designed basic 3D printed robot. The robot bolts together and uses a Raspberry Pi to process input and drive the motors. We called the robot "LilDRas".

Intro to Statistical Learning Review

A review of the online course by the name above — it was challenging but humorous and helpful in learning the essence of machine learning methods (or statistical learning, if that's a better name).

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K Basic Lunar Lander

I implemented the game Lunar Lander in a language called "KBasic", complete with random terrain! It's fun to play, if I may so so myself, though using the language was not.

A Simple Markov Chain Chatbot

A post on creating a very basic text generator using Markov Chains. In goes a bunch of conversations, out comes a corpus of state transition probabilities and from that somewhat intelligible text.